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MAN calls on FG to caution states banning mining activities

Miners at work

THE Miners Association of Nigeria, (MAN), has called on the Federal Government to stop the states from banning mining activities, in a response to the growing number of state governments banning illegal miners and mining activities. 

MAN’s National President, Dele Ayanleke, said: “Our position remain constant. Miners Association of Nigeria is absolutely against any form of illegality in the sector, either in regulatory or operative wing of the sector.

“Our membership admission policy doesn’t entertain unlicensed operators, and there are eloquent testimonies to this claim. Do you need to ban illegality or take proactive actions to prevent or stop?

He noted that Nigeria’s constitution doesn’t empower state governments to ban mining activities operating in their areas.

According to him, the constitution only gave states the power to regulate the mining sector.

What is the role of the Ministry of Solid Minerals Development and its agencies that issue permits and regulate the sector in all these shenanigans?

He said: “Our minister and the entire apparatus of the Ministry of Solid Minerals Development, as the chief regulator and administrator can no longer afford to remain silent over this matter that is gradually assuming the status of a behemoth.

”When armed robbers come to your house, do you announce a ban or set up committee to ban? How can someone else beside the mother in the house decide who among the children in the family is either a bastard or a legitimate child?

“How can a state government that doesn’t issue mining permits know the legal and the illegal miners?



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