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Umahi hails MTN on progress of work on Enugu-Onitsha Highway

THE Minister of Works David Umahi, has hailed the giant communications firm MTN for the work it has done on the Onitsha – Enugu dual carriage way.

During a meeting with delegates from MTN Nigeria Communication Company in Abuja, the, Minister said, the “Onitsha – Enugu dual carriage way is a very busy road and if not the most important in South East for our people. It is such a commendable engagement by MTN.

Umahi had visited this road under construction, said, “I like what RCC Construction company is doing. I am very satisfied with their work. It is very impeccable measure of construction. I will be very happy if we can engage on the 2nd carriageway.”

“I thank MTN for several ongoing laudable road construction projects under the Tax Credit Scheme. We thank you for your confidence in the country and our government.

The minister commended MTN for their dedication to the construction of roads across the country under the Tax Credit Scheme.

In 2022, the Federal Government introduced the Road Infrastructure Tax Credit Scheme which provides for public-private partnership intervention in the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of road infrastructure in the country. 

The facility entitles participants to Tax Credits against their Companies Income Tax.

Other participants of the scheme are the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC), Transcorp Group, Access Bank, GZI Industries, Mainstream Energy Solutions, BUA Group, Nigeria LNG (NLNG), and Dangote Group.

Calling on MTN to take on more projects, Umahi said, with “one project that is very key to our people is Ife-Ondo road. We will be having a powerful engagement with you on how we can start this, In a matter of 10 days all issues will be resolved and all the projects will commence.”

The chief executive officer of MTN, Karl Toriola Olutokun, said, “progress has been made since we started and without your tremendous support we wouldn’t have got this far.

“Our commitment to these tremendous projects demonstrates our commitment to this nation and with value of sustainability of our business.”

The Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission, notes that Nigeria has a road network of 195,000km, with 32,000km categorized as federal roads and 31,000km as state roads. About 60,000km are constructed, and 135,000km yet to be tarred.



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