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How did you upload results in six LGs without conducting election – group asks INEC

ONE of the groups monitoring the polls in Imo State has quizzed the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on how it uploaded results for some polling units in Imo where elections were not held.

The group, Yiaga Africa WTV Working Group  on Sunday stated during an interaction with journalists that, “to ensure transparency and to protect the integrity of the process,” INEC needs clarify the status of voting across polling units in Orsu, Okigwe, Oru East and Orlu LGAs in Imo.

The chairman of the Yiaga, Dr. Hussaini Abdu, in a statement stated that INEC uploaded results in “Orsu, Oru East, Oru West, Ideato North, Ikeduru and Okigwe LGAs,” without conducting elections in the areas.

The statement called “on INEC to clarify the status of locations where elections did not hold, including the upload of results from polling units where elections did not hold.

 The group also called on INEC to investigate reports of election malpractices in some of these polling units, especially for locations where it uploaded results on the IReV without accreditation and voting.

“Reports from some Yiaga Africa’s Watching The Vote (WTV) observers in Imo State, indicate elections did not take place in 12 per cent of Yiaga Africa sampled polling units.

“These cases were prevalent in Orsu, Okigwe, Oru East, and Orlu LGAs. Yiaga Africa also monitored the upload of results on the IReV, especially those from polling units where elections did not hold.”

Yiaga Africa’s WTV observers reported that election did not take place in nine (9) sampled polling units in Orsu LGA.

“There were speculations that INEC may have relocated all polling units to the LGA headquarters on election day. Yiaga Africa notes that voters in Orsu LGA were not informed of the change in polling unit location and INEC failed to issue an official statement on the supposed temporary relocation of polling units.

“In Okigwe LGA, Yiaga Africa observers also reported that elections did not occur in eight (8) sampled polling units. 

“In Oru East LGA, the election was not held in eight (8) of Yiaga Africa’s sampled polling units.

“In addition, elections were not held in seven (7) of our sampled polling units in Orlu LGA and in one (1) of our sampled polling units each in Ideato North, Ikeduru, Oru West and Owerri West LGAs.



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