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Subsidy: Pro-Tinubu group besiege NASS as COSEYL call for nationwide protest

AS supporters of President Bola Tinubu gathered at the National Assembly’s main entrance to show solidarity with the president over the removal of fuel subsidy, the Coalition of South East Youth Leaders, (COSEYL) has called for nationwide protest against the upward review of the pump price of petrol.

In a statement, Wednesday, the President General of COSEYL, Goodluck Ibem, cited the abrupt increase of fuel price from N537 to N620 in Abuja, and elsewhere, describing the development as wickedness in the face of hardship from removal of fuel subsidy.

On Tuesday, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPC) and other oil marketers raised the price of petrol from about N537/litre to between N617 and N630/litre.

The pro-Tinubu group hailed the president in his decision to remove the ‘canker worm’ that has eaten deep into the economy.

The convener of pro-Tinubu group, Stand Up Nigeria, Sunday Attah, stated that the Tinubu has done the right thing and should be supported.

He stated: “While some have hailed it as apt and timely others have expressed reservation that it may cause further hardship on the citizenry.

“You will recall that the President anchored the policy on the fact that there was no provision for subsidy payment in the 2023 budget hence cannot be sustained.”

He added “the election is over and all hands must be on deck to support the government to do what is right and in the interest of the people of the country.

“Past administrations have attempted to remove fuel subsidies but have not been successful due to opposition on the wrong belief that the implication of subsidy removal is just the increase in the price of fuel.

“There was also the suspicion that the proceeds made from the removal will be embezzled and the gains will not get to the intended beneficiaries.

“By the time the monies freed from subsidy removal are appropriated and plowed back into the economy, Nigerians would begin to see the positive effects of subsidy removal.”

COSEYL lamented that when Nigerians are “still battling with hardship to settle with the previous price of N520, Tinubu within two months in office increased the same price of fuel to N617” as it is in some states.”

The statement called on Nigerians, especially the youths, to “come out enmasse for a protest against this evil and wickedness brought upon Nigerians by the present government. Nigerians can no longer breathe again in their own country.

“We must march on the streets of the 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory, until the fuel price is reversed to N198 per litre”.



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