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“Obi will win with the youths as his structure”

Dr. S.K.C Ogbonnia

THE presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi, will win Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election hands down. This assertion is in line with polls after polls – both local and foreign – which have predicted that the former governor of Anambra State will emerge victorious.  

Instead of reading the handwriting on the wall and accepting that its time has passed, Nigeria’s corrupt oligarchy has been restless. Its politicians are restless, looking for any reason to dampen the spirit of Obi’s supporters, popularly known as the Obidients. Since the Labour Party flagbearer has no baggage, his opponents have resorted to a campaign of calumny. If they are not inciting violence, they are peddling fake news to confuse or lower the morale of the Obidients.  

The most notable of the falsehood is that Obi would not win because he has no “structure”. To the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), structure represents a nationwide corrupt network through which they had always bought votes with money.   

But the gospel truth is that Peter Obi will win because of structure, but this structure is different. It is the unique structure of his supporters. 

S.K.C Ogbonnia

The Obidient structure is broad. They are people of different Nigerian ethnic groups and religions united for a common purpose. They are spread across the country and are determined to come out en masse to guard their votes.  

The Obidient structure is organic and anchored by the youths, who make up a significant chunk of the Nigerian electorate. Most of these youths are new voters who registered because they want change. The Obidient is not only a movement, but it has also become the pop culture of our time. Obi Kererenke! Obi… 

More, unlike their opponents, the supporters of the Labour Party flagbearer are proud of their cause. They are very passionate, enthusiastic, and proud of their presidential candidate, Obi, and his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed. They are proud because their candidacy hinges on equity, integrity, fairness, character, competence, capacity, and progress.  

The Obi supporters are propelled by an enlightened structure. They recognize that this election is a struggle between good and evil. They are angry about how they have been misled over the years by both the APC and the PDP. They view the election as do-or-die for their future and nothing will stop them from voting. They are voting for a good cause and the world is behind them.  

Unlike their opponents who are known to pay their supporters for rallies, the Obidient structure is not motivated by money. Unlike their opponents who depend on candidates with looted public funds, the Obidients own and fund their own campaigns. Neither new nor old naira will affect their willingness to come out and vote. Nothing will stop the Obidients from coming out to vote for Peter Obi as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, come February 25, 2023.  

Culled from Saharareporters

  • SKC Ogbonnia, former APC presidential aspirant, writes from Abuja, Nigeria.  


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