Charter of Equity: Abia lawmakers told to perpetuate zoning


The Abia Charter of Equity has been described as a gift from God to ensure peace and development in the state, and any attempt to abandon it will bring mockery to the state and cause politicians to resort to quarreling and acrimony. 

Briefing journalists Monday, as part of the activities marking the 28th anniversary for the creation of Abia, the chairman of the Abia State Advisory Council, Ezeogo Anagha Ezeikpe restated the call of the council for the Charter to be made into law.

Ezeikpe, a member of the Abia State Creation Movement, said the Movement came up with the Charter of Equity to douse fears of domination by people who were prepared to leave the Movement and fight for their own states.

Dr. Ezeogo Anagha Ezeikpe

“God intervened and inspired the founding fathers to devise the Abia Charter of Equity of August 2, 1981, where we defined methods of managing and sharing political offices and other common amenities in a fair manner while quelling the fear of domination by other groups,” he explained.

Ezeikpe, a Medical Doctor, lamented that since the creation of Abia, efforts to get the House of Assembly enact the Charter into law have been unsuccessful.

According to the chairman, “Abia State was created in 1991 and the proposal to put the Charter of Equity into law has been taken to every session of the Abia State House of Assembly except the last two sessions. We made the request to put the Abia Charter of Equity into law and up till now, but it has not succeeded.

“We also requested that they amend it to meet the demands of the present state of things but all our demands before the House have not been successful.

“We request that the State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, the Speaker and members of the House of Assembly to work to put the Charter, as amended, into law.”

He expressed happiness that by divine arrangement, the governorship position has rotated among the three senatorial zones – Abia North, Abia Central and Abia South – while he argued that, “if Abia South did not win in 2015/2019, there would have been trouble.”

Appealing that Abia should not discard the zoning arrangement already in place, which is in line with the Abia Charter of Equity, Ezikpe said: “God has shown us a good example. In all good conscience, it will be bad when we derail and start quarrelling over which senatorial zone should produce the governor for us because God is not a fool.

“I want to say to all Abians that God, having done so well for us, it is now our duty to manage this method so that there will be no quarrelling.

“So, it is a great gift that God has given us and people will laugh at us if tomorrow they hear us quarrelling. This is not necessary.”


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