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ECOWAS is fighting the wrong war in Niger, says Archbishop Chukwuma

THE Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province of the Anglican Communion, His Grace, Emmanuel Chukwuma has questioned the reasoning behind the impending invasion of Niger Republic by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Chukwuma told journalists in Enugu that any military action on Niger will only backfire on Nigeria and other West African states.

According to him, the coup in Niger and the response of ECOWAS is proof of massive corruption and poor consultation among leaders in the region.

He said: “Right now, it’s an absolute shame on President Bola Tinubu, who wants to go to war with Niger.

“It’s also unfortunate that the government is not consulting enough, hence, they have led ECOWAS to misfire.

“The Niger Republic coup happened because of corruption which has made life so difficult for the people. That is what led  to an intervention by the Army, which Nigeriens welcomed. 

“Now, rather than fight corruption and condemn the acts of the deposed Niger President, they are gathering to fight the coup plotters. It is wrong. 

“I think this has shown that ECOWAS leaders themselves are corrupt and they don’t see anything wrong in corruption. 

“Worse things are happening in ECOWAS countries than what is happening in Niger. 

“They are planning to go to war because there is some sort of corruption. 

“Nigerians are passing through a difficult time. I think the time has come for us to say enough is enough.

“I am very happy that many people are condemning the war plans against Niger. 

“Nigeria at this time needs an intervention to bring succour because people are suffering.

“Nigeria is due for a revolution for things to be better because things are becoming worse. God will come down one day and intervene on our behalf and there will be confusion.”



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