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We will do whatever it takes to protect Anambra people – Police Commissioner

THE Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Aderemi Adeoye has that if losing lives is what it takes to protect the people of the State, then the police will stop at nothing to achieve the mandate issued by the Inspector-General of Police to them.

On Wednesday, the commissioner told reporters at the state police headquarters that, “we have no delight in seeing people lose their lives,” but we will not stop to achieve the IGP’s mandate.

According to him, Those making the declaration for the sit-at-home belong to an organisation which competent courts have described as illegal.

He explained that “from the point of law enforcement, the Monday sit-at-home enforced in the Anambra and some parts of the South East is illegal and that those making the declaration belong to an organisation, which the law courts have described as illegal.

The commissioner assured that the state command would continue to provide security for people who desire to go about their businesses without hindrance. 

He stressed that the command would collaborate with other states in the region to secure the zone and that Anambra would be hot for criminals.

He said: “We are not in the habit of telling criminals to relocate from the state. We will not create problems for neighbouring states by asking criminals in Anambra to relocate to other states because we have all it takes to deal with them here in Anambra State and we will deal with them squarely unless they turn a new leaf.

“Our duty as security agencies is to provide adequate security for the people to the best of our ability. But it is the people who have the prerogative to decide whether to sit at home or not.

“We cannot enter anybody’s house to drag them out because if we do that, we will be infringing on the person’s fundamental human rights since he has freedom of choice.

“In spite of the action of security operatives, some people support the sit-at-home, which is rooted in the agitation for a separatist enclave called Biafra. Those who work for four days see Mondays as an extra holiday.

“As long as we are able to protect those doing their businesses, we have no business with those who prefer to sit at home.”



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