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‘My wife is in critical health condition because Soludo demolished her house,’ man laments

THE Anambra State governor Charles Soludo has incurred the wrath of an Awka based activist, Mr. Osita Obi, for the demolition of his wife’s house, an action which has thrown the woman’s health in critical condition.

Obi told journalists in Awka on Wednesday that the government on December 7, 1022, demolished the house, which was erected in the executive business district in Awka in what the government said was  “on overriding public interest.” 

According to him, “we did not enter into this land illegally. The Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA) duly approved the building plan.”

The house before demolition

Lamenting the impact of the action on his family, he said: “This house represents the life pension and gratuity of my wife, who is a retired federal civil servant and now she is empty-handed.

“Today my wife’s health is in serious danger as a result of this action of government. I have tried repeatedly and consistently to see the governor on this issue but to no avail.

“Why does the government want to kill my wife? Why is the government punishing me? Why is this wickedness being vetted on me and my family? The government house and lodge should not be built with my wife’s  blood.”

The aggrieved husband said that his wife was one of those who acquired land in the district and commenced development at a site beside the abandoned Government House until Soludo came into office. 

Shortly after assuming office, Soludo began to develop the abandoned Government House and not desiring to share boundaries with people or compensating owners of nearby plots, Soludo went on to annex the surrounding plots and demolished Mrs. Obi’s house.

A supporter of Soludo’s government, Obi, who claimed that he had hitherto reached out to the Governor, said he recently sent a message to the governor’s Chief of Staff. 

Obi wrote: “I am yet to understand why this government is too wicked and arrogant even to those that support and promote its interests. Must the government house be built on or with my wife’s blood? I am sure this cannot happen in that clime you came from before you were the made chief of staff. Remain blessed. Comrade Osita Obi.”

“I have been a friend to this government and have defended it when it matters most,” he said



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