Anambra needs a bold leader in the next polls


From Tochukwu Obiukwu

A member of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and governorship aspirant in the November 2021 polls in Anambra State, Chief Akachukwu Nwankpo has that the state needs a governor in the mould of the incumbent governor, Willie Obiano.

Nwankpo, a former presidential aide in the Goodluck Jonathan administration, told journalists at his campaign office in Awka on Friday, that the array of contestants in the race is healthy because the people have options.

He hailed the, “uncanny boldness of Obiano in taking up certain life enhancing projects in the state.”

According to him, there is a need for a revolution in the infrastructural sector in the state, and the next governor would need boldness, “the kind Obiano has shown in building an airport in the state.”

He claimed Obiano has also shown such boldness in building roads and, “we need similar boldness in dealing with electricity, the inland water ways and bringing gas to Anambra. 

“An appraisal of previous leaders in the state, will show that instead of creating highways, they ended up maintaining community roads. 

“But Obiano saw things differently. He saw the need for an airport and what he is presently doing is a marvel.

“That project is a bold statement. He’s building a facility where aircraft can be maintained, with limitless export potentials. It is going to open up Anambra to the world in a massive way. 

“That’s the kind of mindset that should be transferred to other aspects of our infrastructure.”

He said he was in the race to offer a leadership that will bring the people to play roles in the development of the state. 

Nwankpo urged the electorate to vote for someone who has a programme that will benefit all, and not someone who would turn his back on them after the election.


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