Chukwu: Players should have more respect for NPFL

Christian Chukwu, former coach of Super Eagles

FORMER coach of Super Eagles, Christian Chukwu, has said that the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) is currently in a sorry state due to a lack of commitment by players, who see traveling abroad to play professional football as a springboard to a call up to play in the Super Eagles.

Chukwu regretted the dwindling fortune of the league and noted that aside the apathy on the part of players, proper funding, also contributed to the league’s poor state.

He said that players should correct the impression that it is only when they play for club sides abroad that they are good enough for the national team.

“One of the things spoiling our league today is that you see a player in a league match today, and tomorrow, if he is called to play for a club in Afghanistan, where they are fighting war, he will go. 

He believes that if he doesn’t go, he may never have the chance to play for the Super Eagles.

“I still believe we have very good players in the NPFL, if only the coach can live in Nigeria and start training with them. 

“The positions he finds deficient, he can then invite the foreign-based players to fill such because this is how it was done in those days.”

He added that home based players should also be invited without any limitation.

“A situation where you regulate the invitation of the NPFL players to the national camp, but invite the foreign-based players liberally, is discouraging. 

“This definitely will make the league not go well and even the players back home not showing the confidence to play at home again.

“This is why some players will go to Benin Republic, Ghana and so on to also become foreign-based players. Though I see our current team as being very strong, it also has to be a mixture of the good ones from the domestic league,” he said. (The Guardian)


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