Ijaw youths lament neglect, vow to resist corruption in NDDC

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RECENTLY elected president of the Ijaw Youths Council (IYC), Mr Peter Timothy Igbifa has said that the new leadership would not allow the appointees of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) continue to plunder the resources meant for the development of Niger Delta region.

In Yenagoa on Wednesday, Igbifa decried the lot of abandoned beneficiaries of foreign and domestic scholarships of the NDDC, and condemned the negligence of the upkeep of the beneficiaries.

He said that it was regrettable that the interventionist agency was deviating from its core mandate and was engaging in frivolous spending at the detriment of the education of youths in the Niger Delta.

According to him, complaints by the scholarship beneficiaries showed that they had suffered untold hardships due to the failure of NDDC to meet its financial obligations to the educational institutions.

He stressed that the education of youths from the Niger Delta region remained an integral component of development and urged the management to prioritize it.

The IYC leader called on the management of NDDC to immediately resolve all pending issues relating to the scholarship programme under their sponsorship

He said: “What is going on with NDDC scholarship where beneficiaries and their welfare is abandoned and compelled to protest is unacceptable.

“The deprivation and neglect our brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom and in institutions in Nigeria have to go through in the midst of questionable spending leaves much to be desired.

“The situation questions the way the people leading NDDC are ordering their scale of preferences. 

“How can the education of Ijaw youths be sacrificed on the altar of political patronage?

“The IYC under my watch will not tolerate this reckless behavior of the commission, NDDC will have the IYC to contend with in the coming weeks should this and other issues relating to the youths be allowed to linger.”

He assured that  IYC leadership would close ranks with stakeholders in the Niger Delta region and development partners that the to ensure a rapid socio-economic growth for the region.


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