Ekiti D/Gov warns against intake of local gin to prevent COVID-19

Ekiti State deputy governor Chief Bisi Egbeyemi

THE Ekiti State Deputy Governor, Chief Bisi Egbeyemi, has dismissed claims in some quarters that drinking local gin, aka ogogoro, or local herbs can prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Egbeyemi urged residents of the state to rather adhere strictly to COVID-19 personal hygiene protocols and maintain a clean their environment so as not to contract the disease.

On Saturday, while monitoring the monthly environmental sanitation exercise, he frowned at the refusal of many people in the state to use face masks since lockdown was eased.

Local gin and herbs

He noted that the hygiene protocol still remained wearing of face masks in public, washing of hands regularly with soap and running water, refraining from crowds and observance of physical distancing.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Egbeyemi said it was incredible that Ekiti youths especially would be drinking ‘ogogoro’ to prevent COVID-19.

Describing such belief as mere fallacy, he advised youths against drug abuse, saying, “COVID-19 is real. Drinking ‘ogogoro’ or local herbs can’t prevent it.“


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