COVID-19: Anambra records first coronavirus related death

COVID-19, Obiano announces death of 66 year old man

ANAMBRA State Government has acknowledged the first death of a COVID-19 patient in the state, a 66-year-old man.

In a statewide broadcast, Monday, the state governor, Willie Obiano explained that “the only Covid-19 death we have recorded so far was a 66-year old man who did not report his ill-health on time.”

Obiano disclosed that the deceased passed away 24 hours after the hospital received his COVID-19 positive result, noting that there is a possibility that he would still been alive if the state task force on COVID-19 was alerted on time. 

He said the state has recorded nine cases and one death in spite of the precautions by his government to protect the state from invasion of the deadly virus and its disease.


Obiano implored the people to team up with the government in its  efforts to save lives, while warning people who shield their medical conditions of the high risk they run of dying from COVID-19.

With the slightest indication, the governor hinted that there could be  more people with COVID-19, when he admitted that the high number of reported cases of COVID-19 was as a result of the Aggressive Case Search mounted by the Special Task Force on COVID-19, which he heads. 

The activities of the Task Force, have  been extended to the 326 wards in Anambra for a grassroots effect in the campaign against the pandemic. 

The membership of the Task Force at the community level include the officer-in- charge of Primary Healthcare Center, (PHC) the Community Woman Leader, the Community Youth Leader, the representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Civil Society. 

He explained that the team will be headed by the Councilor of the Ward while the Local Government Chairman and his Medical Team will supervise the activities of the entire Team. 

The governor is hopeful  that the structure will help to boost more tests in the communities, detect infected people and protect the rest of the populace.

He called on the people not to panic if in the coming days they notice a sharp rise in the number of cases, because,  “we have the capacity to handle what will come out of the increased testing. 

We shall continue to innovate and seek new creative responses to COVID-19 as time goes on.

Obiano said, that before the state recorded it’s first COVID-19 Index Case on April 9, “we had made some arrangements that would give us a fighting chance against the pandemic.” 

We have put together a 428-bed Protective Care Center to absorb COVID-19 cases while nursing and nurse them back to good health.” 

Part of the arrangements include the fumigation of  the 63 markets in the state, the  distribution of palliatives to different groups and sections of the society.


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