Uzodinma eases restrictions, keeps Imo under curfew

Uzodinma eases restrictions

THE Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, has eased on some of the restrictions he put in place about four weeks ago to check the spread of coronavirus, but has kept the borders and markets shut, while the dusk to dawn curfew continues.

In a broadcast over the weekend, the governor called on the people not to abuse the relaxation of the measures, which will take effect from Sunday and will affect shopping malls, pharmacies, food and vending markets. 

He admitted that the lockdown had been a source of discomfort to the people and regretted the economic hardship, while he noted that the relaxation of measures was in keeping with his promise.

The governor reminded the people that wearing of face masks has been made compulsory and any defaulters shall be prosecuted, as the safety of the people remained uppermost in his mind.

Disclosing others  measures, Uzodinma said, “massive disinfection of major public places such as markets and public squares is currently going on.

All borders into the state remain closed. This means that there is no entry into or exit from the state. 

“In the unlikely event that any person manages to gain entry into the state, he or she must immediately report to the COVID-19 Taskforce for mandatory checks and quarantine. Those who illegally gain entry into the state and those who assist or harbour them shall be arrested and prosecuted. 

“Also, effective Sunday, May 3, public gatherings not exceeding 50 persons at a time shall be allowed. However the rule of social distancing must be strictly adhered to.

“If such gatherings must hold, there must be sufficient provisions for bucket stands for regular washing of hands in running water. Hand sanitizers must also be made available for use by the people so gathered.

Praising the people for their sacrifices and suffering for what is not their fault, he remained them that “we are at war with an unknown and unseen enemy; there is need for extra vigilance. The need for safety informed the lockdown and other stringent measures.”


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