Umahi reassures Ebonyi residents over COVID-19 index case

Umahi reassures Ebonyi

Umahi at one of the isolation centers in the state

EBONYI State Governor, David Umahi has assured the residents of the state that they have nothing to fear the one index case of COVID-19 because the case did not make any other contact with anybody, as he urged anybody who made any contact with him to report to be tested. 

Umahi, Sunday, announced the index case, and disclosed that the 31-year-old index case, a food merchant from Ukawu Onitcha Local Government Area, was picked up at Okposi in Ohaozara Local Government Area, alongside three passengers, returning to Ebonyi from Ondo State where he goes to buy food items.

Narrating how the index case was arrested, the Governor explained that after his arrest and subsequent detention with defaulters of the border closure, at the State township stadium, his sample, with that of his co-travelers, were tested and the driver’s result was positive while the other three turned negative.

Said Umahi: “The first COVID-19 index case drives a hired Sienna vehicle, with which he carries food items to Ore in Ondo State. 

“After selling the items, he uses his vehicle to ferry passengers back to South-East. He has made two trips this year; one was on the 29th of March and he returned to Ebonyi on the 1st of April. The second was  on the 12th of April. 

“While in Ore, he couldn’t get passengers to bring back to the South-East and he waited for sometime in Ore, sleeping in motor parks and petrol stations. 

“And when he could not get passengers, he started making his way back to home. On his way, he saw three others from Ebonyi. They told him that they were going back to Ebonyi, but they were stranded.

“They called the parents who agreed that he should bring them back and that they will pay him in Ebonyi. He picked them and  they headed home. They got to the  border about the 24th of April.

“From his account, he wangled his way through the border, passed through Ivo, Afikpo North and to Okposi in Ohaozara LGA when the chairman of the local government and his team apprehended him. 

“They took them to Okposi Police Post because of our policy, which is that when any Ebonyi man gets to the border, he must be let in.

“At the station, members of the Neighborhood Watch took them to the stadium, where the medical team conducted a test on him. The result was positive but the three others had negative results. The tests were repeated and the results were the same.”

Umahi assures that there is “nothing to fear because he did not make any other contact with anybody.”


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