Constitution: Okorocha wants fewer lawmakers in NASS

    Constitution making is for lawmakers


    IN an obvious call for the reforms in the constitution, former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, (APC, Imo West) has called for a reduction in the number of legislators as a way of saving cost and reducing the cost of governance.

    Briefing reporters Thursday after the Senate approved the Medium Term Expenditure FrameWork (MTEF) and Fiscal Strategy Paper (FSP), Okorocha, called for one senator and three members of the House of Representative for each state.

    Okorocha said: “There is need for the amendment of the constitution and rather than engaging many people in politics, we can have few in the National Assembly while others can venture into other sectors.

    “If we have a governor in a state, one senator and three House of Representatives members can help in development.”

    He said that the reduction in the number of representation from the states would help cut cost and ensure effective representation.

    While raising the proposal in the Senate, the lawmaker, who noted that his constituency was too small for him said that what three senators and several members of the House of Representatives could do for a state, four lawmakers could do it.

    The former governor said the nation’s annual revenue generation could not fund the budget for the year, because crude oil was the major source of income.

    He advocated for ways to cut cost and ensure effective representation, while stressing that he would sponsor a bill that would seek for the reduction of the number of senators and House of Reps members for each state.

    He continued: “I want one senator and three House of Representatives members per state, which will cut expenses.

    “A senator and three House of Representatives members can do what many have been doing.

    “We cannot keep doing the same thing and expect anything different to happen. We must cut our cloth according to the available yard.”

    He said the issue of poverty and hunger was on the increase, and that government must help the masses, the poor by reducing the number of lawmakers in the National Assembly.

    He called on the Federal Government to invest more in agriculture to create more jobs and said the Senate must make laws and pass motions to support the Executive adding that the legislators are the pivot for running government in a democracy.

    “I will present the bill based on the mood of the National Assembly, whether it starts now or later, we must do things differently.”


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