Mutual Agreement: Anambra, US city to foster interaction

Obiano signing mutual agreement with City

THE Anambra State Government has signed a “mutual relationship agreement” with the City of Orange, New Jersey, USA to foster interaction between both parties in the areas of cultural exchanges, knowledge sharing and investments, among others.

Signing the agreement Monday, the state governor, Willie Obiano described the ceremony as a historic moment for Anambra and the City of Orange, noting that Anambra needed the expertise and technology of the City of Orange to exploit her abundant natural resources, with a guarantee of huge returns on investment.

After the ceremony, Obiano declared, “today, we are here in the lovely city of orange to invite America; Anambra is ready for business. We are ready for America.”

Extolling the conducive business environment in Anambra, Obiano said that the state has easy access to industrial land, a speedy company registration process and issuance of certificate of occupancy in record time.

He added that the state is the 10th most populous in Nigeria with a population of 6.5 million people and a population density of 860 people per square kilometer.

According to him, Anambra, in the last five years, has been the safest state in Nigeria with a very low crime rate in recent times.

He said: “It is no exaggeration that Anambra is the best place to locate an industry in Nigeria at the moment.

“We have one of the highest literacy rates in the country; and offer access to the largest retail market in West Africa.

“We have the largest crop of experienced middlemen and suppliers with enough expertise to move goods across Africa.”

The Mayor, Dwayne Warren, who signed on behalf of the City of Orange, said the agreement was about how the city and the state could partner culturally, economically and technologically to make life better for their communities.

“The City of Orange is happy; we have talked about doing relationships with other countries and states abroad.

“When Anambra State came forward and had some interest in trying to exchange cultural ideas, it became something that we had to do.

“I am happy that the governor is ecstatic that he came with dignitaries that can advance the cause of good governance and good society.


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