NGO unfolds joint scheme to enhance ICT awareness in Enugu


A NON- Governmental Organisation (NGO), in partnership with some corporate organizations has embarked on a programme to offer free trainings on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Enugu State.

The program, titled, “Free ICT Competency Initiative,” targets schools, Ministries, Government Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and corporate establishments. 

According to the Executive Director of Gloxina Foundation, Mr. Jeremiah Ameh, “the primary intention is to ensure that the individual is conversant with the basic functions and capabilities of any computing device. From that standpoint, the training progresses to a more utilitarian level in the deployment of such devices in offices and in less personal activities.”  

He explained that Gloxina Foundation International is in partnership with Synaegis Global Solutions, White Media Ltd, publishers of thenationalstatesman (online news portal) and Henkin Engineering Ltd, in organizing the training, which is conducted for two days for each organization, or group of beneficiaries.

On the need for the training, he noted: “We noticed that there still a wide gap between what people claim to know and what they practically use in their workplaces. The practical knowledge is rather low and doesn’t match the enthusiasm and claims.

“This training is designed to bridge the gap between that awareness and the usage of computers and other computing devices. We discovered that there is a huge abuse of computing devices, especially mobile phones. People spend huge amounts of money to buy phones and have no idea of how to use the phones beyond making calls, sending text messages and chatting. Low productivity in organizations has also been traced to such a scenario and development. 

“And then, generally, we are not really keying into the world wide ICT rave. Being on social media and chat room platforms doesn’t mean computer literacy. 

“So far, from the trainings, we have learnt that people are not quite aware of how to use computers. They do the wrong things and do not know yet, how to use ICT to enhance their work and other things. People are still literally scared of computing devices in the sense that most barely deploy beyond 10% of the capabilities of their devices and appliances.”

According to him, this is more prevalent in schools and higher institutions and worse in ministries where “we discovered, 60% of the workforce do not use computers or such ICT attributes in the duties.”


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