Tinubu: 2019 polls, more than a contest between Buhari and Atiku


FORMER Governor of Lagos State and national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has said that 2019 Presidential election  was more than a contest between President Muhammadu Buhari and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

In a statement, Thursday, by his Media Officer, Mr Tunde Rahman, the APC leader noted that the choice before Nigerians on February 16, was between progress and retreat.

According to Tinubu, on Election Day, Nigeria shall step into its future. “How you vote will determine whether we walk into the future in a manner that guides our subsequent steps toward the national greatness that calls to us or will we walk into it backwards as if feebly trying to reinvent the past,” he said.

He claimed that a vote for Buhari secures that future. “This is the future we must enter. This is the future the APC champions. This is future you must choose on Election Day,” he said.

He noted further: “A second term for Buhari would be focused on restructuring the economy for the better. We must amend our national economic architecture to unlock the full potential of our people and our land. This is the core mandate of government for and of the people.

“Unlike the PDP, we, the APC, are anchored to the proposition that every Nigerian is entitled to equal access and sufficient economic opportunity so that he may use his talents, skills and committed exertion to carve for himself and his loved ones the decent and good life every human being seeks.

How you vote will determine whether we walk into the future in a manner that guides our subsequent steps toward the national greatness that calls to us or will we walk into it backwards as if feebly trying to reinvent the past

“One road leads to a certain replay of the economic injustices of the past. It is a road well-worn with familiar pitfalls and setbacks built into the very nature of it.

“The other road provides the truest, brightest chance for us to enter into our hopeful future but only if we are brave enough to believe in our capacity to improve our nation.”

Faulting Atiku and PDP’s prescriptions for the nation’s problems, Tinubu claimed that “Atiku’s answers to our economic challenges are to shrink and restrain government from being the active catalyst toward a diversified economy that assured broadly-shared prosperity through the just allocation of wealth and reward according to sweat and toil put forth by the Nigerian people.

“They seek an unfair, unjust and unequal Nigeria. Their definition of Nigeria is a nation run by the greedy, for the profit of the rich, at the command of the mighty. Our vision is the opposite of theirs.”

According to him “because of the APC’s concerns for the struggles of the average person, we launched beneficial social welfare programmes such as the school feeding programme, Trader-Moni and N-Power.

“We have made progress caring for our most needy and vulnerable through these and other innovative and unprecedented policies. These programmes are of the type all great nations do for their citizens?

“We have just begun to fight poverty and reform this economy on the scale required. Though we have helped millions, several millions more are needed to end poverty’s stranglehold on their lives.

“We must expand the scope and reach of our social welfare programmes to encompass those other people who have been denied access to the productive economy through no fault of their own.

“Additionally, we must put idle hands to work to build a modern infrastructure that will energise agricultural output in rural areas and foster labour-intensive industrialisation in our growing cities.

Campaign promises

On the campaign promises of the APC, Tinubu explained that “we have talked about taking Nigeria to the Next Level. This Next Level is informed by forging a new partnership between government and the governed to create a more just and prosperous economy for all.

“The beginning of this new partnership is already taking shape, we have initiated a first phase of social welfare programmes.” He asked voters “to join the APC so that we attain the Next Level by implementing this bold and good new partnership built on the following pillars: power, infrastructure, housing, industrialisation, agriculture and social security.”

The former governor called on voters to be peaceful at the elections to ensure a violence-free exercise. “I ask that you to conduct yourselves with utmost tolerance and in equal peace towards both political ally and political opponent. Let us show the world that we know the true meaning of democracy.

“No matter our political differences, let us remember we are of one land and of the same national family.”


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